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Comprehensive child development program
from one to 7 years

We are raising a generation of smart children with
developing aids and classes in
Julia Fisher Online School

How it works

How the manual works

Features of the program
Julia Fisher

Julia Fischer's programs

The program is aimed at developing intelligence, memory,
thinking, attention, imagination, perception and speech.

The technique is aimed at revealing creative abilities and
supporting the child's personality, developing skills and lifting
self-esteem. We are against authoritarian teaching methods.
Classes should please not only the little person, but also
parents watching the child's progress.



Classes are aimed at developing speech, cognition, mathematical concepts, creativity, musical and
physical education


Assignments for each age group
categories are developed based on 27 years of experience working with children and implemented in practice


We made the notebooks reusable: the mistake is easy to fix, which adds to the child's confidence in their abilities

Our notebooks

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For children from 1-3 years old

Tasks are compiled taking into account the age characteristics of kids under 3 years old. We acquaint with the world around us, develop elementary graphic skills and mathematical concepts, enrich vocabulary and develop mental processes
for children from 3-4

For children from 3-4 years old

Tasks actively develop speech, logic and imagination, expand knowledge, train memory and attention
from 4-5

For children from 4-5 years old

The program focuses on writing skills, familiarity with sounds, letters and numbers, as well as the development of creative abilities
from 5-6

For children from 5-6 years old

We deepen knowledge of the world around us, mathematics and literacy, develop coherent speech, prepare the child for school

Who is she
Julia Fisher?

I am a preschool educational psychologist. My teaching experience is over 27 years. I am always interested in working with children, they teach me a lot.

Observing the reaction of the children to the educational aids offered to them, comparing the effectiveness of different ways of presenting the material and trying different teaching methods, I created my own methodology and developed a continuous course of manuals to familiarize children with the world around them and develop logic.

Online School

Convenient activities for children and their parents

We opened a school to share knowledge about the upbringing, effective development and education of children, how to organize classes with preschoolers, what material to use and what is important to pay attention to.
You will find comprehensive educational activities, finger games, dance lessons, exercises, ideas for creativity, learn to make educational aids from scrap materials and much more.